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Date Updated 01-17-2023 Date Created 07-27-2000
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How to install ADAM-4550?
Please follow below steps to complete installation and check ADAM-4550. 1. Please use 2 ADAM-4550s and 1 ADAM I/O module like 4011 ( ID address is 02h). 2. Connect 4011 to RS-485 of one 4550 with correct wiring. We call this 4550 as "server". Also connect RS-232 of 4550 to host PC. 3. Before power on and configure slave 4550, please connect "INIT*" and "GND" on server 4550. 4. Run ADAM4550.exe under Windows environment and choose "Settings ..." , "Local Comm Settings" to select correct COM port and relative configuration you use. 5. After that, power on slave 4550 and choose "Settings ..." , "Set Adam Configurations" to set server 4550. 6. We set server 4550 at address "01h", "slave mode", delimiter is "{", data gate is "close" and baudrate is "9600 bps". 7. After clicking "OK", you will see the yellow LED of server 4550 will blink fast, that means configuration is OK. 8. Now power off and remove the wire between "INIT*" and "GND", then power on again. When you see the yellow LED starts to blink fast, please remove RS-232 cable from DB9 connector of slave 4550. 9. Connect RS-232 cable from PC to DB9 connector of the other 4550, this 4550 will be set as "client". 10.Repeat step 3 to step 7 and we set this master 4550 at address "00h", "client mode", data gate is "close" and baudrate is "9600 bps". 11. Also need to remove the wire between "INIT*" and "GND", then power on client 4550 again, but don't remove RS-232 cable between it and PC. 12. Select "Terminal" and choose "Connect". Type some commands for 4011 at left window and check the response from right window. Because ID address of server 4550 is 01h and 4011 is 02h, we can use the following commands to check: {01$022, {01#02 or {01$02M. 13. Then please choose "Generate-Traffics", "Continuous" to send commands from client 4550 to server 4550. While 2 ADAM-4550 modules are communicating each other, you can see the green LED is blinkingas well as the yellow LED.