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Do you have to be an administrator in order to use the Vlinx Serial Server Manager
Per Engineering and Product management: “It was decided not to do the significant refactoring of the code to allow non admin to use the software. Since the software uses code that requires administrator level access, the UAC manifest that sets the "Requested Execution Level" to "Require Administrator" was added. This allowed the software to run on Windows Vista as an administrator. The Vlinx Serial Server Manager does not have a registry key that changes its requirement for administrator level access. The following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles are about changing the system-wide UAC configuration; however, disabling UAC is a security issue and can not be supported by B&B." Guided Help: Adjust User Account Control settings in Windows 7 Disabling User Account Control (UAC) on Windows Server   /en-us So if you are not an Admin on the PC you cannot create a virtual com port or use the configuration manager to configure the unit. You can still use the web browser to configure the VESxx but you will need an admin to create a VCOM or use the software to configure the unit.